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The Faces I've Been
Lifesong Records LS 900 (1975)

Disc 1:
1: This Land Is Your Land (W. Guthrie) Ludlow Music, Inc. (BMI) 1:28
2: Greenback Dollar (H. Axton; K. Ramsey) Irving Music, Inc. 1:28
3: Pig's Song (arranged by J. Croce) 0:55
4: Gunga Din (music-J. Croce;lyric-Rudyard Kipling) 4:02
5: Sun Come Up (J. Croce; R. Croce) 2:03
6: Big Fat Woman (E. Von Schmidt) Minglewood Music, Inc. (ASCAP) 1:56
7: Charlie Green play That Slide Trombone (adapted and arranged by J. Croce) 2:23
8: Railroads And Riverboats (J. Croce; I. Croce) 3:09
9: Railroad Song (J. Croce; I. Croce) 2:51
10: The Way We Used to Be (J. Croce) 2:28
11: Maybe Tomorrow (J. Croce) 2:28
12: Stone Walls (J. Croce) 2:55
13: I Remember Mary (M. Muehleisen) 2:42
14: Country Girl (J. Croce) 1:46

Disc 2:
1: Which Way Are You Goin' (J. Croce) 2:16
2: King's Song (J. Croce) 2:00
3: Mississippi Lady (J. Croce) 3:56
4: Chain Gang Medley: "Chain Gang" (S. Cooke) Kags Music Corp. (BMI)
"He Don't Love You" (Butler, Carter, Mayfield) Conrad Music, Inc. (BMI)
"Searchin'" (J. Lieber, M. Stoller) Unichappel Music, Inc. (BMI) 4:30
5: Old Man River (J. Kern, O. Hammerstein III) T.B. Harms Co. (ASCAP) 2:25
6: Carmella....South Philly: "A Rose And A Baby Ruth" (J.D. Loudermilk) Acuff-Rose Publisher's, Inc. (ASCAP)
Nobody Loves A Fat Girl (J. Croce) Blendingwell Music, Inc. (ASCAP) 6:00
7: Cars And Dates, Chrome and Clubs: "Saloon And Saloon" (M. Muehleisen) Blendingwell Music, Inc. (ASCAP) 2:31
8: The Chinese: "The Edges Of Your Day" (M. Muehleisen) Blendingwell Music, Inc. (ASCAP) 2:24
9: Trucks And Ups: "Wear Out The Turnpike" (J. Croce) Blendingwell Music, Inc. (ASCAP) 2:10
10: The Army (J. Croce) 3:34

Produced by: Terry Cashman and Tommy West for Interrobang Productions, Inc.
All Songs Written By Jim Croce and Published by: Blendingwell Music, Inc.
(ASCAP) Unless otherwise noted. Recorded at: RPL Studios, Camden, New Jersey, (1963/64),
Columbia Records, New York (1975), The Hit Factory, New York (1970-75)

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