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Croce Records 101 (1966)

1: Steel Rail Blues (Gordon Lightfoot)
2: Coal Tattoo (Wheeler)
3: Texas Rodeo (Croce)
4: Charley Green (Arr: Croce)
5: Gunga Din (Arr: Croce)
6: Hard-Hearted Hannah (J. Yellen, MA. Ager, C. Bates)
7: The Sun Come Up (Jim and Richard Croce)
8: The Blizzard (Howard)
9: Running Maggie (Arr: Fehrenbach)
10: Until It's Time For Me To Go (Buffy St. Marie)
11: Big Fat Woman (Arr: Von Schmidt)

Production supervised by: Joe Salviuolo
Recorded at: RPL Studios, Camden, New Jersey, July 1966

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