Jim Croce Specials
Martin Guitar Company

The Martin Guitar Company is currently designing the Jim Croce Commemorative Guitars. The D-21 "Jim Croce" models are expected to be released in February, 2000.

There will be two "Jim Croce" D-21 models - a Brazilian Rosewood model and an East Indian Rosewood model. These guitars will be available as limited editions and will include a pearl inlaid signature of Jim Croce.

In 1971, shortly before son Adrian James Croce was born, Jim sold off and traded his precious guitars in order to support his home and family. After writing "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," "Time In A Bottle," and "New York's Not My Home," Jim returned to New York to give the music business a final try.

Before driving to New York from his Lyndell, Pennsylvania farmhouse, Jim was unable to afford to purchase a new quality guitar and found an old model that he brought to the studio to record You Don't Mess Around With Jim. During his recording session, his guitar fell apart. In desperation, he called his friend and photographer, Paul Wilson, and told him about his tragedy.

Paul generously offered Jim his very special Brazilian Rosewood D-21 insisting that Jim use it for the session and take it on the road with him for as long as he needed it. It is the Martin Brazilian Rosewood D-21 that is seen in the photos of Jim on his ABC albums. Though not exclusively, Jim played and recorded with Martin Guitars throughout his performing and recording career. He would be extremely proud to be in the company of the artists that are honored by Martin Guitar.

About the Martin Guitar:
The Martin Guitar Company has done a wonderful job of incorporating history and detail into their plans for this commemorative model. They have decided to produce only 73 of each Rosewood guitar in honor of the year of Jim's death.

Remember the line from Jim's song Operator, "You can keep the dime"? Martin Guitar will tastefully incorporate a 1973 dime into the third fret of the Jim Croce guitar.

If you are a Jim Croce fan or a connoisseur of fine instruments and are interested in purchasing a special commemorative Jim Croce Martin Guitar, please reserve your guitar NOW. Contact us at Croce's and we will pass your name and information onto the Martin Guitar Company so you will be in line for this exciting opportunity.


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